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IACCAC Corporate Sponsors (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

IACCAC thanks the following companies/organizations for their sponsorship!

BI Incorporated

BI Incorporated

Founded in 1978, BI Incorporated supports approximately 900 correctional agencies today in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and Australia. BI provides agencies with innovative compliance technologies, industry-leading monitoring services, and evidence-based supervision and treatment programs for community-based parolees, probationers, and pretrial defendants.

BI's solutions help federal, state and local agencies to supervise a range of individuals – from low- to high-risk offender populations. BI combines the latest in technology, expert technical and customer service, ISO-certified manufacturing practices, and evidence-based treatment and counseling programs to assist agencies to curb future crime and conserve scarce local resources.

BI offers correctional agencies:

· More than a dozen compliance technologies that help monitor individuals relaeased to community supervision
· Sophisticated call center monitoring services and technical support
· Cognitive behavioral programs for juvenile and adult parolees, probationers and pretrial defendants
· Community-based electronic monitoring offices and offender-pay program
· Web-based software applications that allow direct client data access adn management

 BI Incorporated

Total Court Services

Total Court Services actively monitors more than 3500 clients on a daily basis over several technologies and testing methods for compliance with court orders, pretrial/bond release, or for license reinstatement programs. With experience that spans over 3 decades, we have served more than 15,000 clients in total and have performed more than 2 million alcohol tests.

We strive to help each and every one of our clients maintain compliance with their particular program. From available resources, dedicated Client Services Department, and options for payment arrangements to help make the programs affordable, we do everything in our power to make the clients we serve successful in their programs.

Doing business in 5 states and more than 200 jurisdictions we have worked diligently to understand the needs of each court or corrections program with whom we provide service. We serve our agency customers and our individual clients by offering more than 50 servicing locations, working directly out of certain government buildings, working with agencies to run their own programs and providing mobile technicians that can visit clients at work or their residence.

Everything we do is to work toward a goal of making our individual clients successful and our court and agency partners maintain and exceed their high standards.

 Total Court Services

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